First single on the Microsoft Entourage soundtrack

I was amused the other day when I thought I saw Avril Lavigne on the soundtrack to “Erage” at the top of the charts in the iTunes Store. So, of course, I needed to blog about it with a misleading headline and a screenshot.


“Erage” is, of course, handy shorthand for Microsoft Entourage. (In fact, it’s so embedded in my thinking that it’s the shorthand substitution I use for “Entourage” in Spell Catcher X and what I type to launch the application from LaunchBar.) I swear I remember seeing members of the Entourage team wearing jackets bearing the “Erage” name, too. Edit: It is not, however, related to the television show Entourage. Which is where I’m betting a lot of my hits on this page come from.

Anyway, it turns out that it was a song on the soundtrack to “Eragon”—an actual movie with a soundtrack, of course—but it still amused me to take a screenshot. (When you have screencapture + Python + Core Image, why not take frivolous screenshots?)

Update: After several months and several attempts that each seemed to work in their own way, I finally got the inline image to appear. I’m not exactly a fan of Drupal’s image handling at this point — coming from my Manila background — but perhaps I have sorted it out.