Predicting a month of new Macs

My prediction: we’re going to see a month of new Macs leading up to WWDC 2007. I’m always wrong in my speculation, but here’s my reasoning, applied after many years of Apple-watching:

  • The Mac Pro was refreshed the first week of April … but, this effectively only added a top-end eight-core system, with no changes to the quad-core units (except to drop the lowest-end 160 GB hard disk option).
  • We saw updated MacBooks last week, on Tuesday, May 5.
  • The MacBook, Mac mini, and iMac are probably the most important to refresh in the education buying season (i.e. before July 1, and during the summer).
  • Apple tends to release new hardware and other products on Tuesdays.
  • We have three more Tuesdays before WWDC begins on June 11.
  • The entire Mac lineup is at historically long periods between refreshes, despite the more aggressive changes in the x86 space.
  • The delay of Leopard reduces the pressure to have new systems waiting to ship until the operating system update is done.
  • After the MacBook, Apple has four remaining lines: MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iMac, and Mac Pro. (I’m not counting the Xserve, which seems to be fading into irrelevance after the Intel transition … it’s a very “me too” product in a crowded field now that the G5 processor is absent.)
  • Assuming they don’t further update the Mac Pro (i.e. the single current SKU or any of its BTO quad-core counterparts), they could release one update to each of their computer lines per week until WWDC.
  • This would still leave the option to have a hardware introduction at WWDC, if that were so desired. And … it might be if there were some new hardware to debut — particularly something zany like a midrange tower/desktop system or outlandish like a subnotebook.

I am one of those who thinks that Apple has a gaping hole in its lineup without a headless $1000-2000 tower/desktop system. Heck, I’d take a Core 2 Duo-based Mac Pro right now if it were available at a price point the Power Mac G4 towers used to sell at (i.e. $1199).

Tomorrow’s Tuesday, so we’ll see.

Update: Clearly, after only one Tuesday, I’m already proving how bad my predictions are.