It’s slower here without MarsEdit

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I’m having a harder time posting to the new Drupal site. I can’t reliably use MarsEdit, my desktop posting tool, to post here.

I don’t know if I have the posting APIs set up incorrectly or there’s a mistake in my MarsEdit setup. It’s definitely more complicated to set up the various XML-RPC APIs on Drupal and for Drupal in MarsEdit than these same tasks were in Userland Manila.

Right now, I’m unable to:

  • see a title field for my posts (although I can post that information if it’s wrapped in “title” tags)
  • enter categories/taxonomy directly, using checkboxes in MarsEdit’s user interface
  • safely edit posts that I’ve already submitted.

Hopefully, I’ll figure out what the problem is but largely, my posts are coming from the Drupal Web interface. That’s okay, but it’s not as rich and streamlined as a desktop application.