LaunchBar Search Template for the MacEnterprise mailing list

If you want to search+the+mailing+list+archives for the list with LaunchBar’s Search+Templates feature, add the following to your LaunchBar configuration:*&s=&f=&a=&b=

I added it in my personal search templates for UTF-8, named it “MacEnterprise list archives,” and saved it in my LaunchBar configuration. This makes it much faster to find topics that have appeared on the MacE list, because they are a few keystrokes away. LaunchBar substitutes your encoded search terms for the asterisk after the “&q=” text, and that’s where the magic lies.

Change the name of an application in your LaunchBar configuration

If you can’t remember the specific name of an application, but you often think of it by another name, you can change how it is referred to in your LaunchBar configuration.

I used to do something like this with Microsoft Excel; I’d change its name in the LaunchBar configuration to “XL.” You could also refer “Lineform” as “Illustrator” without changing the application’s name in the Finder.

To make the change, open LaunchBar. If you can remember the application, perform a search for it. When it is selected in the LaunchBar bar, choose Configuration > Reveal in Configuration. Enter a new name for the selected app in the “Name” column in the window that appears.

I’m not aware, however, of a way to have an application to respond to two or more names in LaunchBar. There may be a way; I just don’t know it.

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