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LaunchBar Search Template for the MacEnterprise mailing list

If you want to [Bad link] for the [Bad link] list with LaunchBar’s [Bad link] feature, add the following to your LaunchBar configuration:*&s=&f=&a=&b=

I added it in my personal search templates for UTF-8, named it “MacEnterprise list archives,” and saved it in my LaunchBar configuration. This makes it much faster to find topics that have appeared on the MacE list, because they are a few keystrokes away. LaunchBar substitutes your encoded search terms for the asterisk after the “&q=” text, and that’s where the magic lies.

Change the name of an application in your LaunchBar configuration

If you [Bad link], you can change how it is referred to in your LaunchBar configuration.

I used to do something like this with Microsoft Excel; I’d change its name in the LaunchBar configuration to “XL.” You could also [Bad link] without changing the application’s name in the Finder.

To make the change, open LaunchBar. If you can remember the application, perform a search for it. When it is selected in the LaunchBar bar, choose Configuration > Reveal in Configuration. Enter a new name for the selected app in the “Name” column in the window that appears.

I’m not aware, however, of a way to have an application to respond to two or more names in LaunchBar. There may be a way; I just don’t know it.

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