Trying again to get MarsEdit working with Drupal

Well, after reading Walkah’s 2004 post about using Drupal’s Blog API module with MarsEdit, I was inspired to try again. The inability to get MarsEdit working with my Drupal 4.7.4 install has made an impact in my blogging style.

This post is another attempt. As recommended, I’ve switched over to the Movable Type API rather than MarEdit’s “Drupal” setting. When the site was reloaded in MarsEdit, I was able to see more data, such as the taxonomy categories, in the listing of posts.

However, in writing this post, I notice that I’m unable to set a category. The “Categories” list that slides out in a per-post drawer in MarsEdit is blank.

Oh well, I’ll still post this and see what happens. I want to see if I can now round-trip posts: create a new post, save it to the site, and then edit/update it in MarsEdit. With the MarsEdit “Drupal” setting, I was unable to do that effectively.

Update: It looks like it worked, and meets my expectations if you discount the missing categories!

Later update: Categories cannot be set with the MarsEdit “Keywords” tab. I also found that human-friendly URLs are not set via the Pathauto module on the stories I post through MarsEdit.

Even later update: Since the intertwingularity of Drupal and MarsEdit has changed over time for me (and as I update this post on Drupal 6.6 and MarsEdit 2.2.2, it works so well I barely create posts any other way) and this is a popular post, I wanted to let you know that you can find all — or most, since not all have been tagged — of my Drupal MarsEdit posts in one list.