Trying out MarsEdit for posting Drupal stories again

I was emboldened by success with Flock and the update to Drupal’s Pathauto module. Fresh from that minor yet important triumph, I figured it was time to try MarsEdit out again—because it really is my preferred blog API posting client (and the one I’ve paid for).

It turns out that the previous work I’d done to set up MarsEdit—combined with the Pathauto change and mixed with some magic during the intervening time—made all the difference. I’ve been able to post and re-post stories to my Drupal site. MarsEdit now works round-trip. It lets me create new stories, using Filtered HTML formatting and converting HTML entities. It allows me to tag stories with categories from my taxonomy. It also enables me to edit existing stories, presenting the current state of each in the CMS, as well as displaying a sorted list of the categories (and which ones are selected for a particular story). Thanks to the Pathauto module fix, new stories automatically get a title-derived URL. This is excellent!

For future reference, my server is set up so that the Drupal site is the default for the domain (i.e. you go to “” and you immediately get the Drupal site with no additions to the URL). The blog settings that worked to post stories there included:

  • Home URL:
  • Software: Movable Type
  • RPC URL: Home URL + xmlrpc.php
  • Blog ID: story

I believe the rest of my settings are defaults when you create a new blog definition in MarsEdit 1.1.